The changing attitude towards cloud computing

Here at Virtual IT, we are strong believers in cloud computing, in fact we have been providing cloud based systems for 10 years, being one of the first to offer an IT support package which includes both hosted exchange and offsite backup. Lately the Cloud market has really started to take off which is as much to do with clever marketing as it is with technology.

The differences we see in the market are now compared to 10 years ago are as follows:-

  • People know the term “cloud computing” even though there are many definitions (and often no definition, just the comment “we don’t really know what the cloud is, we just know we need to be in it”).
  • Customers have a lot less resistance to hosting IT systems in locations other than their office.
  • Customers are more open to seeing parts of their IT as an Operational Expenditure rather than a Capital one.
  • Customers really want their IT to work for them rather than being an inhibitor.

The thing to be clear about with IT Support and solutions for SME’s is that there is not necessarily a right way to do things, hosted services are good in many cases but certainly not in all. We recognize that each company is different and as such, have different requirements. We always want to understand what you want to achieve before recommending anything.

One of Gartner’s recent reports makes some predictions in this area, most interestingly that 20% of SME’s will not own any IT assets at all.

Read the article here

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