Dont blindside your Macs

How many times have you heard a designer in your company say they have had a problem with their shiny iMac, or ProBook? Not many times I’d imagine. There is a feeling in the world that Macs never go wrong, that they don’t need or require a IT support company to rely on as most SMEs do for their PC infrastructure. An SME without IT support either in house or outsourced is unheard of, you wouldn’t leave one of the core operational aspects of your business without any true expertise should something go wrong?

So why then do so many companies who run a PC/Mac integrated infrastructure continue to blindside their Macs, to the detriment of the company moving forwards. Even worse, they fool themselves into thinking that an outsourced company dedicated to Microsoft and PC networks, can turn their hand to looking after a Mac department, both physically and from a strategic perspective. It just doesn’t work. You wouldn’t send your BMW to a Volkswagen dealer for advice! Ok you may get the job done but you can be pretty sure that somewhere down the line you’ll be back at the BMW dealership with your tail between your legs.

One such example was a company I visited recently where they had been working with an outsourced PC partner who had been trying to fool them that they will be able to help with their equal amount of Macs in the business. The result? A aging Mac department who now due to a lack of proper expert advice need to upgrade all their hardware and software from versions which are long since unsupported and without upgrade paths from vendors. Had we been to see them 12 months ago it would have saved the 50% of the cost it will take to being them into line today.

The morale of the story is that even though the Macs seem to run themselves at times, don’t rely on your PC networks partner to help with issues once they do arise, expect to pay the price at some point in the future. If Macs are a vital part of your business make sure you have a IT support partner that knows how to deal with a font master issue, and can advise you on Snow Leopard, not one who only knows Windows Server 2008.

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