GiffGaff – will it work for you?

So, at long last I have decided to have a tinker. I figured that with all the pressure for me to use an Android/iPhone type device, I should just take the plunge and do it…. Although for email, my trusted BlackBerry will stay loyally by my side.

One of my drivers was the ability to view Remote Desktop screens from a mobile device in the case of an emergency! So after giving it some thought I dug out an old android phone and paid the price to get it unlocked, I then ordered a giffgaff SIM to put into it!

What on earth is giffgaff?

Giffgaff is a very different idea for a telecoms provider. It is a complete paradigm shift from what has been the norm up until now. They are self-managed by the community and have just a few employees to do the main tech and admin work. Most customer services and support are done by the forums to keep costs down. It’s a great idea!

It doesn’t stop there either….Whilst the idea of SIM only is nothing new, the way they have put this together is really revolutionary, you have a choice of goody bags. These have different combinations of Minutes, Texts and Web allowances. The best value one for the low call/high data user is £12 (price from Nov 12) a month, which gets you 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet (subject to acceptable use, of course).

If you require other things, they can be done as pay as you go. They have also recently introduced auto renew for your goody bags each month, this is very helpful as it then works a bit like a contract, but you can stop it at any time.

How easy was the setup?

Very simple and pain free! Once my SIM arrived all I had to do was stick it into the phone and I was nearly ready to go! My next task was to have the SIM activated, so I logged onto the giffgaff website and did the deed. Ordinarily it would have taken 30 minutes, but they had some issues that day so it took almost a day to come online. Once online, I purchased my goody bag and I was good to go!

The service is still working well one week into my test and the performance is great on the internet side of things, better than I am used to with Orange. For people who require a non-complicated and cost effective way to bring an old phone to life, or in my case are taking the plunge for the first time, then I can recommend giffgaff.


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