Mobile Device Management solutions

Following from my previous blog on BYOD, (bring your own device), I thought I’d take the time to write a little about Mobile Device Management Solutions and give you a short list of providers which could fit your BYOD needs.  Mobile Device Management Solutions, better known as MDM Solutions, come in many forms and cover a range of different areas such as security; device integrity; remote wipes; remote installs and setups; remote support etc.

Once you have clearly outlined your BYOD policies you will need to look into which MDM product or group of products will meet the policies which you have set. If you are looking for the most basic solution which sets password policies and has remote wipe facilities then this could be accomplished using Microsoft exchange if this is the mail solution you already use.

If you require more control and more stringent policies (which I recommend you consider) then it would be good to have a look at some of the MDM solution providers below..

Air Watch

Air watch specialise in MDM solutions and provide a wide range of features covering most, if not all of the well know mobile operating systems on the market today.

Maas 360

I would highly recommend that you have a look at their site as it has a plethora of great advice on BYOD. They provide a great product which not only covers mobile operating systems but also most desktop operating systems as well.


Zenprise is a great solution which has a huge list of features certainly the biggest I’ve seen yet.

There are many other solutions but these 3 would be the ones I suggest you look into first, as always in the world of IT Support every organisation is different and so the solution for one company may not fit another.  If you are new to BYOD or MDM solutions I would strongly suggest sitting down with your IT support provider to discuss what policies would best fit the needs of your organisation.


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