Why would you choose the Nokia Lumia 920?

By way of introduction, I do not, and my esteemed technical colleagues will confirm, get excited by the latest and greatest technical gismo’s and much prefer the comfort and familiarity of the old, this certainly goes against the grain working for an IT Support company! The way I see it, a new operating system invariably means time spent working out the nuances of the new OS and I just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend hours working at replacing something that already delivers on my basic need to read emails, surf the internet on occasion and to make and receive calls.

My history when it comes to “smart phones” started with the Blackberry, the Blackberry’s big selling point being its integration with Microsoft Exchange. This at the time fitted in nicely with our Managed service offering as we were able to offer our clients IT support and setup of their Blackberry device to our Exchange Platform.  I then left blackberry and transferred my affections to the iPhone. The leap between blackberry and the iPhone was truly transformational and I can honestly say I have never looked back, however, over time the iPhone’s battery life really started to cause me issues despite only using it for business related activities. Half way through the day I would be out of battery and that was with every service apart from the essential switched off and not that heavy a usage on calls or emails. The final nail in the coffin was that it went swimming and I decided that it was really time to change.

Everyone seemed to be going for the Samsung Galaxy phones, but by everyone, I mean most people that use their phones as an entertainment console and that’s not really me. I wish I had the luxury of time to spend endless hours playing games, however, I don’t and when I make a choice on a phone it’s partly for the aesthetics, but mostly for its functionality as a business productivity tool.

So I looked at the Nokia Lumia 920, the phone that was launched running the latest Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Why you ask? Well here was my rational:

  1. My PC in a fairly short period of time will be running the same Operating system so why not get a head start and familiarize myself with how it works and then it won’t be a shock when I am forced to move away from windows 7
  2. Being a Microsoft phone, it also benefited from having the Microsoft office suite loaded and therefore I could easily read, edit and work on documents that needed my urgent attention
  3. The picture and Video quality was second to none, not that that is really constitutes a business related function but it does mean I can leave the camera and video at home which suits my preference to travel light
  4. And the screen size was decent and larger than the equivalent iPhone
  5. The battery life promised to be much better

So how does it stack up…from a productivity rather than geek perspective?

  1. The operating system is good, however, I have yet to move my notebook or work PC to windows 8 so can’t really vouch if that rational will actually pay off.
  2. Aesthetically it’s a good looking phone and affords I think a little more individuality as everyone either has an iPhone or a Samsung
  3. The picture and video quality is fantastic and much better from what I have seen of its rivals
  4. The ease of navigating and editing documents is also spot on and really helps day to day in the execution of my role
  5. I don’t use my mobile phone as a games console, the battery life sees me easily through a complete day of business without the need to recharge
  6. The speed at which it downloads apps is amazing

So in short, this really is a business tool that I can highly recommend, if like me you don’t use all the endless applications and various functions that it offers and need it rather to increase your productivity. Again if like me you are rarely near a plug socket due to travel and don’t require all the additional functions, then it will readily last the day, but make sure you have it in 3G mode rather than 4G. Its programmed to always first look for a 4G signal and that chews battery, rather have it in 3G mode and it will last. Also turn off the wireless mode as again this will quickly sap your battery life.

So if you are looking for a pure business productivity tool then this has to be a serious consideration…if however you are looking for a games console then I suggest this might not be the best suitor, although I have yet not to find an application that I have wanted…but remember I have only been looking for productivity enhancing tools…god I sound boring and almost geekish!!!


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