Keep your Systems and IT Services simple

Well… I have had some experiences in my career, but a few prize experiences spring to mind…

1)  Too many systems
2)  Systems running IT services that are not thought out whatsoever
3)  IT services and systems that are simply far too complicated

One would think that with the number of systems and IT services available in the market these days, that most businesses would be able to implement simple and effective solutions. Unfortunately, the opposite is far too often the case.

Working for an IT services provider I find myself being asked on a regular basis about Disaster Recovery, and what solutions we would recommend. I find however that very few people help themselves prepare for such a disaster. To be prepared and survive a disaster, there are a few simple rules:

1) Understand how your systems work
2) Have full IT support for your systems
3) Ensure databases and supporting files are backed up
4) Test restoring to another server to make sure it works from what is backed up
5) Ensure that customisations are kept to a minimum

Living by the above rules will mean that you have a simple time of DR.

Far too many organisations think they are living the dream by having so many bells and whistles, but actually they are a disaster waiting to happen. In this day and age, it is certainly worth considering looking at cloud offerings for certain types of workflow, like BOX, CRM and SharePoint/collaboration and similar apps.

If you have any questions or want to some advice about DR and how best to make sure you are prepared, please get in touch with Virtual IT, we can help.


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