GDPR and ISO 27001

The time of GDPR is fast approaching (May 25th 2018), and it is very important to have your ducks in a row around data security!

This is particularly important if you are processing personal data for marketing or other purpose.

We are ISO 27001 certified, so we take our data security very seriously at Virtual IT… We partner with an organisation who can help you get you GDPR ready! We can also help you, via a partner, get ISO 27001 certified. It is hard work, but worthwhile and also shows that you care about data security. As an aside, ISO 27001 covers up to 90% of what would be expected for GDPR readiness.

It is important also to remember that Data Security is not only an IT issue. It is a policy/HR/governance issue too. GDPR also includes data such as paper records and CCTV.

If you have any questions, speak to your Virtual IT Account Manager for more information.



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