GDPR and ISO 27001

The time of GDPR is fast approaching (May 25th 2018), and it is very important to have your ducks in a row around data security!

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X3 Elite Review

The HP X3 Elite smartphone represents Microsoft’s latest attempt to make Windows Phone relevant in a market dominated by IOS and Android devices. The latest iteration pushes the dream of a unified device that will be your smartphone, your desktop and your laptop. However, their perceived inability to fully commit to Windows 10 Phone ultimately results in this device failing on all fronts, and inconceivably in areas that Microsoft should shine. Read more

PCI Compliance Audits

We are getting more and more customers being targeted by companies trying to convince them that their whole corporate network should be PCI compliant if they process credit card information. Without thinking and planning how to do this, it is an understandable assumption.

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Backup is the most important service to implement…

So, everyone goes on about backup and disaster recovery… If you pay enough money, they even call it business continuity! However, for any chance of disaster recovery or business continuity to have a chance, you need your data backed up somewhere…

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Cloud Thoughts… Couple of years on…

So… A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about the “Cloud”… Whilst this is something that people have been talking about for some time, a lot has happened in the last couple of years…

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