Super Fast Home Broadband Comparison

Being the night owl that I am, I often find myself working late into the night. A few nights back I was working late applying fixes to a customer’s network using telnet/ssh amongst other tools, which are incredibly sensitive to packet loss and jitter. For those not familiar with the terms, packet loss is when you send pings and not all of them reply and jitter is the deviation from average time the pings take to reply. Now the last thing you need when you are applying fixes to a customer’s network in the middle of the night is to be logged off the connection every few minutes due to packet loss!
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Save money and the environment – turn your computer off

So here at Virtual IT, on the second Wednesday of every month, we deploy Microsoft security updates to our customers’ servers and computers. We do this in the dark of night as the original idea when we started up was that this would not interfere with a company’s productivity as they would just come in the next day and login and work as usual. Before we push the patches we give everyone due warning; “You should log out of your computer on Wednesday night and Thursday night but leave it turned on, as your computer will receive the update on one of these nights, and your computer is liable to restart. Logging out will guarantee that you have saved all of your work.”

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Getting the right connectivity

We all now take super-fast connectivity for granted both at work and at home. So much of what we do nowadays depends on fast reliable internet whether it be accessing Cloud based applications, researching on the internet, making VOIP calls or streaming media. When we lose the ability to do this or the internet is not working as it should it feels like the world is about to end.

So the question is what is the right connectivity for my business and how do I choose the right provider and right package?

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The Cloud and Virtualization – what does it all mean?

With the ever changing IT industry and the demand for more speed and power with higher resilience, more and more companies are considering the idea of virtual infrastructure for presenting users with information, applications and even the operating systems they need to do their jobs effectively.

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Heading to The Cloud

At Virtual IT we have been offering hybrid cloud solutions to customers for the past 10 years now. Hosted Microsoft Exchange is now common place, and we’ve been big advocates of offsite backup from day one.

More and more now we are using The Cloud without really even thinking about it, and although the cloud elements of our service have largely been out of site and out of mind we are effectively using The cloud when we access our email account, be that Hosted Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, or when we buy concert tickets on line, book a flight or do our weekly grocery shop online. All of this is good stuff and is paving the way to the future!

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