Dont blindside your Macs

How many times have you heard a designer in your company say they have had a problem with their shiny iMac, or ProBook? Not many times I’d imagine. There is a feeling in the world that Macs never go wrong, that they don’t need or require a IT support company to rely on as most SMEs do for their PC infrastructure. An SME without IT support either in house or outsourced is unheard of, you wouldn’t leave one of the core operational aspects of your business without any true expertise should something go wrong? Read more

The changing attitude towards cloud computing

Here at Virtual IT, we are strong believers in cloud computing, in fact we have been providing cloud based systems for 10 years, being one of the first to offer an IT support package which includes both hosted exchange and offsite backup. Lately the Cloud market has really started to take off which is as much to do with clever marketing as it is with technology.

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