When should I upgrade my computer – a very good question

If your computer at work is old and it dies on you the obvious course of action is to replace it with a new one. But what happens if you have fairly old PC’s and that are running kind of ok but is starting to get a bit slow? When should you make the decision to upgrade or replace it?
There is plenty of advice out there around when to upgrade your business PC’s – consultants will happily charge you to give you this advice, alternatively you could always speak to your outsourced IT support company who should offer you with advise at no cost. But what advice should you take? As with most business decisions it comes down to a judgement of cost vs. benefit.

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Changing passwords – what a hassle

Recently I have spent time at a number of customer sites taking a look at how they their business processes integrate with their systems only to find some alarming trends! Things that may be seen as best practice really aren’t.

More and more often these days we are receiving requests to change passwords every 30 days, these requests are often brought on from a recommendation by an auditors or similar. Unfortunately people who recommend this couldn’t be more wrong in thinking that it is good security practice.

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Disaster Recovery – do you have a plan?

No one likes to think about disasters, but they are a very real risk and normally strike when you are least expecting it. The fact that many companies shy away from the conversation means that many are ill prepared when such an event hits..

Statistically speaking, “40% of all businesses that experience a disaster never re-open. Of the remaining businesses, 25% close within the following two years.” (Reference – US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics.)  This is irrespective of size a small/medium company is just as vulnerable as a large corporate.

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What does the Blackberry 10 have to offer?

RIM’s latest version of its BlackBerry operating system is finally set for official release at the end of January. BlackBerry 10 is being released at a time when RIM is not only struggling to increase its market share, but indeed to survive in this new age of Android and IOS dominance. So what is there for all you BlackBerry diehards to look forward to this latest version and maybe win back a few deserters?

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MS Surface RT – a review from the newly converted

As the MD of an IT Services company, you tend to get very lazy about taking the initiative to explore new devices and technologies yourself because various members of your team do it on an ongoing basis and brief you about it. I have however been excited for quite some time about the new MS Surface and Windows RT, and how the device and operating system might form a “bridge” between a device that business users could benefit from as they travel and also a “home entertainment” device that gives you most of the critical apps and other functionality of an iPad. (yes we do have an iPad at home but I have personally resisted claiming it as “mine”!) I’ve been hoping this will be the device for people like me who find even the smallest laptops too bulky to carry around.
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