Tablets – what’s all the fuss about then?

I don’t have a tablet. In fact, I’m not sure I see the absolute need for one in my day to day life and will continue to rely on my smartphone and lightweight notebook!
That said, I seem to be somewhat in the minority as they continue to grow in popularity among consumers.

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iPad as a work device?

Working on the move is becoming increasingly popular these days and with so many devices available on the market it can make the decision process quite difficult when deciding on a device, especially if you are not sure if the device will work seamlessly with your internal company network.

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To Virtualise or Not To Virtualise?

The question is coming up time and time again about Virtualisation… Companies hear about how fantastic it is and decide that they want a piece of the action. However, all is not quite as rosy as it seems.

Whilst Virtualisation may save a little space, it certainly is more expensive than normal servers. It is also placing all your eggs in one basket, which is not strategically a good idea for obvious reasons. Having said that, there are ways to make it more resilient, but again, this costs a lot more money.

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The Microsoft Surface RT – It is not a toy

On the 25th October of this year Microsoft released its first in-house venture into the world of tablet computing; The Microsoft Surface RT.

Surface RT

What is RT? Is it Windows 8?

Microsoft is famous for its use of two letter acronyms; we have had Windows NT, which stood for Network and Windows XP which stood for Experience and now we have RT, which stands for absolutely nothing. That isn’t to say it isn’t different to the version of Windows 8 running on your home computer. As such it is important to understand what makes it different to Windows 8 for computers.

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Things to consider before renewing your IT services contract

I’ve had quite a rush of contract renewals in the last few months, all of them have had their own challenges and problems to solve but one common element I found was that changing technologies can help find solutions that simply were not there before.

If your IT services contract is due for renewal then it can give a chance to wipe the slate clean and look with fresh eyes at what it is that IT does for your business. You may be very happy with your current arrangements which is all well and good but rather than simply signing up for more of the same it may be time to take a step back to look at how you do things and whether you can do them better.

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