Mobile Device Management solutions

Following from my previous blog on BYOD, (bring your own device), I thought I’d take the time to write a little about Mobile Device Management Solutions and give you a short list of providers which could fit your BYOD needs.  Mobile Device Management Solutions, better known as MDM Solutions, come in many forms and cover a range of different areas such as security; device integrity; remote wipes; remote installs and setups; remote support etc.

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GiffGaff – will it work for you?

So, at long last I have decided to have a tinker. I figured that with all the pressure for me to use an Android/iPhone type device, I should just take the plunge and do it…. Although for email, my trusted BlackBerry will stay loyally by my side.

One of my drivers was the ability to view Remote Desktop screens from a mobile device in the case of an emergency! So after giving it some thought I dug out an old android phone and paid the price to get it unlocked, I then ordered a giffgaff SIM to put into it!

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Bring your own device – is it good idea?

Bring your own device, better known in the world of IT as BYOD, is becoming hugely popular. With the advancement of mobile technology and cloud architecture, work trends are changing with employee’s now working longer hours away from a centralised office. Many employees are now using their personal devices for work purposes and many people have already set up email, synchronised data stores and other methods of retrieving work data remotely in order to keep on top of their growing work commitments and pressure. A vast majority of employers have welcomed this trend as it means greater productivity and lower investment costs in terms of purchasing technology etc. This has given birth to the idea coined as BYOD.

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How could I have got a virus?

“But you installed anti-virus software on my machine, how could I have got a virus!”
It is Virus Season 2012 here at Virtual IT, and the opening comment is endemic of the view point of some of our clients who have succumbed to this season’s must have malware.
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Viruses, Malware or is it just software?

A hot topic at the moment is one of malicious software… I stop short of calling it Viruses or Malware as it isn’t that clear cut anymore!  What we used to know as Viruses and Malware have changed very much in the last couple of years. Whilst the authors of this software are using Virus type tactics to install the malware (Trojan Droppers), the software is far from what we (or unfortunately Virus software) recognise as a virus.

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