Are you suffering from high or unpredictable IT Support costs?

Are you concerned you might be spending more on your IT Support than you should be?

Perhaps you’re having to devote valuable internal resources to IT support that could be better applied elsewhere. Maybe – like many of our new customers – you’ve had bad prior experiences of being overcharged or of being sold larger systems than you really need. Or you may feel that you are having to pay an unreasonable amount per support incident.

We can help by offering an IT support contract that delivers an exceptionally high level of service at an affordable fixed cost per user per month – as well as helping you implement the most cost-effective combination of in-the-cloud and on-site services.

Are you struggling to afford the functionality you know that you need?

The costs can quickly add up when you’re buying your IT services, applications and capabilities on a piecemeal basis. It can be hard to afford the robust functionality that you know that your business really needs if you’re to get the most out of IT.

We can help by leveraging our significant buying power and taking advantage of economies of scale to provide the complete IT capabilities you need – like enterprise class hosted email, hosted offsite backup and hosted desktop in one integrated, affordable fixed price contract.

Are you sick of receiving unexpected IT bills?

Is your current IT support provider behaving like a dodgy plumber? Do they always seem to be looking for opportunities to charge you extra for things that you feel ought to be part of their core service?

We can help by offering an all inclusive IT support contract with a clearly defined service level agreement that eliminates any nasty surprises. Simply click on the link to find out more about our 24*7 support services and fixed price contracts.


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