Silver Support

We understand that sometimes an all-encompassing IT Support solution is not necessary for certain clients.  With this in mind, our Silver Support solution offers you a “menu” of different options from which you can pick and choose. These include:

  • Business hours support for PCs and / or servers
  • Off-site backup
  • Set up and management of Virtual Private Networks
  • Hosted Exchange

Unlike the Titanium solution where you pay a fixed price for unlimited support, with Silver you will pay a fixed price for a certain number of incidents and then pay for extra support as required.  This method of charging is more suitable for certain customers.  Furthermore, if you do not need certain elements included in the Titanium solution (such as Hosted Exchange or Offsite Backup) you do not need to take these elements and pay for them.

One of the benefits of Silver is that you can tailor the solution to your needs but a further benefit is that you always have the option to upgrade to Titanium as and when you decide this makes more sense for your business.