Are you concerned about the impact of an IT failure on your business?

Are you worried about the security of your systems and data?

Keeping your systems secure depends on continual vigilance. If you’re relying on tape backups, they have to be taken every day, stored offsite in a safe place and tested regularly. And even if you’ve kept your anti-virus up to date, a single lapse could compromise your entire network.

We can help by implementing an automated off-site backup to a secure data centre with rapid recovery capabilities, installing a fully managed firewall and by ensuring that your anti-virus protection is fully up to date for both your network and local devices.

Do you have a burning IT issue right now?

Sometimes a new customer will come to us suffering from an immediate IT crisis – like a crashed email server, significant data loss or an existing IT support provider who has gone out of business.

We’ve been able to help by getting them up and running on our 24*7 support service in next-to-no-time – while our experienced consultants help them restore or rebuild their key systems, acquire new equipment and get their business back on its feet.

Are you concerned about business continuity?

How would your business cope if an IT disaster struck – if your offices burned down, if all your equipment was stolen or if a disc drive failed and no recent backup was available? In these circumstances, speed is of the essence. We’ve been able to prevent many potential issues from turning into a crisis through inherently fail-safe systems.

If and when the worst does happen, our 24*7 support service and proactive account management can help to ensure that our clients can acquire, configure and install new equipment, restore their applications and data and get their business up and running again in the fastest possible time.


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