Tablets – what’s all the fuss about then?

I don’t have a tablet. In fact, I’m not sure I see the absolute need for one in my day to day life and will continue to rely on my smartphone and lightweight notebook!
That said, I seem to be somewhat in the minority as they continue to grow in popularity among consumers.

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The 7″ Tablet

I’ve resisted buying myself a tablet for some time now. The iPad had always been the leader in the field and as beautiful as they are, I just couldn’t justify the outlay for one. A few months ago I read about the Google Nexus 7, and the technical spec along with the price point intrigued me. After some reading and a fair bit of research, my mind was made up and I placed an order for the 16GB Asus Google Nexus 7.

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Blackberry vs. Android

Blackberry vs. Android – as you are all probably well aware, this is a topic of much debate at the moment.

I personally am a Blackberry man, and up until a week ago there was very little that anyone could do or say to persuade me otherwise…. That was until I was put to the ultimate challenge, replacing my Blackberry with an Android for a week! Once the cold sweat and palpitations had passed and I had a little think about the implications, I figured that it would actually be quite an interesting experiment.
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