What does the Blackberry 10 have to offer?

RIM’s latest version of its BlackBerry operating system is finally set for official release at the end of January. BlackBerry 10 is being released at a time when RIM is not only struggling to increase its market share, but indeed to survive in this new age of Android and IOS dominance. So what is there for all you BlackBerry diehards to look forward to this latest version and maybe win back a few deserters?

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Blackberry vs. Android

Blackberry vs. Android – as you are all probably well aware, this is a topic of much debate at the moment.

I personally am a Blackberry man, and up until a week ago there was very little that anyone could do or say to persuade me otherwise…. That was until I was put to the ultimate challenge, replacing my Blackberry with an Android for a week! Once the cold sweat and palpitations had passed and I had a little think about the implications, I figured that it would actually be quite an interesting experiment.
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