Public Cloud… Should I use it?

As a Managed IT service provider in the greater London area, we have seen Public Cloud become increasingly popular amongst businesses in the past 2 years. If you are not already using it for some parts of your infrastructure; talking to your IT Support Company about it, then you are definitely thinking about using it! The question in most peoples mind is should I use it and is it right for my business or not?!
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The Cloud and Virtualization – what does it all mean?

With the ever changing IT industry and the demand for more speed and power with higher resilience, more and more companies are considering the idea of virtual infrastructure for presenting users with information, applications and even the operating systems they need to do their jobs effectively.

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Heading to The Cloud

At Virtual IT we have been offering hybrid cloud solutions to customers for the past 10 years now. Hosted Microsoft Exchange is now common place, and we’ve been big advocates of offsite backup from day one.

More and more now we are using The Cloud without really even thinking about it, and although the cloud elements of our service have largely been out of site and out of mind we are effectively using The cloud when we access our email account, be that Hosted Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, or when we buy concert tickets on line, book a flight or do our weekly grocery shop online. All of this is good stuff and is paving the way to the future!

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Striking the right balance between Cloud and local systems

Over the past few years the notion of “cloud computing” has become far more main stream on both a usage and marketing basis. Cloud computing can mean a lot of different things to different people and there is certainly a lot of confusion around between different competing solutions and systems. Read more

The changing attitude towards cloud computing

Here at Virtual IT, we are strong believers in cloud computing, in fact we have been providing cloud based systems for 10 years, being one of the first to offer an IT support package which includes both hosted exchange and offsite backup. Lately the Cloud market has really started to take off which is as much to do with clever marketing as it is with technology.

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