Backup is the most important service to implement…

So, everyone goes on about backup and disaster recovery… If you pay enough money, they even call it business continuity! However, for any chance of disaster recovery or business continuity to have a chance, you need your data backed up somewhere…

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Disaster Recovery – do you have a plan?

No one likes to think about disasters, but they are a very real risk and normally strike when you are least expecting it. The fact that many companies shy away from the conversation means that many are ill prepared when such an event hits..

Statistically speaking, “40% of all businesses that experience a disaster never re-open. Of the remaining businesses, 25% close within the following two years.” (Reference – US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics.)  This is irrespective of size a small/medium company is just as vulnerable as a large corporate.

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Are you prepared for IT failure?

Someone recently drew my attention to a news article which stated that around 75% of Small and Medium enterprises are ill prepared for an IT failure due to a lack of adequate data backup and disaster recovery plans. Either data is not backed up at all, data is not backed up often enough, or not enough of the important data is backed up. Each of these scenarios will have the same end result – and often this is one that can have catastrophic consequences. Therefore it’s important to have a plan, and to make sure this plan does cover all of the important data you have. Despite the old adage that 88.8% of statistics are made up on the spot, 75% seemed an initially shocking number but after giving it some thought it’s perhaps not altogether surprising.

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