Why would you choose the Nokia Lumia 920?

By way of introduction, I do not, and my esteemed technical colleagues will confirm, get excited by the latest and greatest technical gismo’s and much prefer the comfort and familiarity of the old, this certainly goes against the grain working for an IT Support company! The way I see it, a new operating system invariably means time spent working out the nuances of the new OS and I just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend hours working at replacing something that already delivers on my basic need to read emails, surf the internet on occasion and to make and receive calls.

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Next Generation Access – NGA

A little while ago I did a blog on connectivity comparing my Virgin Media and the BT Openreach FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) connection. The Openreach FTTC network really has proven to be an excellent choice.

Since then I have been patiently waiting for it to become available at our office. It has been little under a year now and finally the time has come, we now have FTTC in our cabinet where our office is connected! This is a total game changer for us, before now we were 3km from the Exchange, now we are only 300m from our cabinet and our speeds have dramatically improved. Our ZEN connection is a great example – with ADSL we were getting about 4mb down and 1mb up, now that we have upgraded to FTTC, we are getting about 70 down and 17 up, which is incredible!

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Blackberry vs. Android

Blackberry vs. Android – as you are all probably well aware, this is a topic of much debate at the moment.

I personally am a Blackberry man, and up until a week ago there was very little that anyone could do or say to persuade me otherwise…. That was until I was put to the ultimate challenge, replacing my Blackberry with an Android for a week! Once the cold sweat and palpitations had passed and I had a little think about the implications, I figured that it would actually be quite an interesting experiment.
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