Keep your Systems and IT Services simple

Well… I have had some experiences in my career, but a few prize experiences spring to mind…

1)  Too many systems
2)  Systems running IT services that are not thought out whatsoever
3)  IT services and systems that are simply far too complicated

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Questions to ask when changing your IT Support provider

With over 15 years of experience of working in IT, the last decade of which has been selling Managed IT services and IT support, I have been in the unique position of coming across every flavour of IT support company, IT solution and customer requirement. On many an occasion I have witnessed prospective buyers of IT support literally bewildered by the choices, confused with terminology and with the introduction of cloud, this has just further compounded an already very “cloudy” situation.
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Things to consider before renewing your IT services contract

I’ve had quite a rush of contract renewals in the last few months, all of them have had their own challenges and problems to solve but one common element I found was that changing technologies can help find solutions that simply were not there before.

If your IT services contract is due for renewal then it can give a chance to wipe the slate clean and look with fresh eyes at what it is that IT does for your business. You may be very happy with your current arrangements which is all well and good but rather than simply signing up for more of the same it may be time to take a step back to look at how you do things and whether you can do them better.

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