Cloud Thoughts… Couple of years on…

So… A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about the “Cloud”… Whilst this is something that people have been talking about for some time, a lot has happened in the last couple of years…

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Keep your Systems and IT Services simple

Well… I have had some experiences in my career, but a few prize experiences spring to mind…

1)  Too many systems
2)  Systems running IT services that are not thought out whatsoever
3)  IT services and systems that are simply far too complicated

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Software and Firmware Updates

Software and firmware updates are something a lot of organisations overlook or do not do as they are worried that it may conflict with something and cause more problems than they actually fix.  Many people use the argument that it is not broke so why fix it or that there just isn’t enough time as devices need to stay up 24/7/365.  All these excuses result in machines and devices being updated to a certain level at initial build and then left at this level.
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Public Cloud… Should I use it?

As a Managed IT service provider in the greater London area, we have seen Public Cloud become increasingly popular amongst businesses in the past 2 years. If you are not already using it for some parts of your infrastructure; talking to your IT Support Company about it, then you are definitely thinking about using it! The question in most peoples mind is should I use it and is it right for my business or not?!
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XP scaremongering and Windows 8.1

So I was going back over our older blogs hunting for inspiration (it is my turn to shoe horn those all-important key words of IT Support, IT services, IT support services or Managed IT services into a piece of text for our website you see), and I noticed that it has been nearly a year since we stoked your fears around the retirement of XP as a supported operating system.

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