X3 Elite Review

The HP X3 Elite smartphone represents Microsoft’s latest attempt to make Windows Phone relevant in a market dominated by IOS and Android devices. The latest iteration pushes the dream of a unified device that will be your smartphone, your desktop and your laptop. However, their perceived inability to fully commit to Windows 10 Phone ultimately results in this device failing on all fronts, and inconceivably in areas that Microsoft should shine. Read more

Things to consider before renewing your IT services contract

I’ve had quite a rush of contract renewals in the last few months, all of them have had their own challenges and problems to solve but one common element I found was that changing technologies can help find solutions that simply were not there before.

If your IT services contract is due for renewal then it can give a chance to wipe the slate clean and look with fresh eyes at what it is that IT does for your business. You may be very happy with your current arrangements which is all well and good but rather than simply signing up for more of the same it may be time to take a step back to look at how you do things and whether you can do them better.

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Bring your own device – is it good idea?

Bring your own device, better known in the world of IT as BYOD, is becoming hugely popular. With the advancement of mobile technology and cloud architecture, work trends are changing with employee’s now working longer hours away from a centralised office. Many employees are now using their personal devices for work purposes and many people have already set up email, synchronised data stores and other methods of retrieving work data remotely in order to keep on top of their growing work commitments and pressure. A vast majority of employers have welcomed this trend as it means greater productivity and lower investment costs in terms of purchasing technology etc. This has given birth to the idea coined as BYOD.

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