X3 Elite Review

The HP X3 Elite smartphone represents Microsoft’s latest attempt to make Windows Phone relevant in a market dominated by IOS and Android devices. The latest iteration pushes the dream of a unified device that will be your smartphone, your desktop and your laptop. However, their perceived inability to fully commit to Windows 10 Phone ultimately results in this device failing on all fronts, and inconceivably in areas that Microsoft should shine. Read more

The end of remote working for Yahoo! employees

Last week Marissa Mayer, the high profile CEO of Yahoo! issued an edict which effectively ended working from home for Yahoo! employees. They have all been ordered to report to duty in the office and turn up for work in the good old fashioned way.

This seems to fly in the face of what we have been told the future of working life would be. We were given a mythical vision of a time where we wouldn’t need to cram ourselves on the Bakerloo line every day as we wouldn’t need to go to an office. In the unlikely event of us having to leave our homes we would all be travelling on “Back to the future” style Hoverboards. Were we mis-sold this vision?
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MS Surface RT – a review from the newly converted

As the MD of an IT Services company, you tend to get very lazy about taking the initiative to explore new devices and technologies yourself because various members of your team do it on an ongoing basis and brief you about it. I have however been excited for quite some time about the new MS Surface and Windows RT, and how the device and operating system might form a “bridge” between a device that business users could benefit from as they travel and also a “home entertainment” device that gives you most of the critical apps and other functionality of an iPad. (yes we do have an iPad at home but I have personally resisted claiming it as “mine”!) I’ve been hoping this will be the device for people like me who find even the smallest laptops too bulky to carry around.
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The Microsoft Surface RT – It is not a toy

On the 25th October of this year Microsoft released its first in-house venture into the world of tablet computing; The Microsoft Surface RT.

Surface RT

What is RT? Is it Windows 8?

Microsoft is famous for its use of two letter acronyms; we have had Windows NT, which stood for Network and Windows XP which stood for Experience and now we have RT, which stands for absolutely nothing. That isn’t to say it isn’t different to the version of Windows 8 running on your home computer. As such it is important to understand what makes it different to Windows 8 for computers.

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Things to consider before renewing your IT services contract

I’ve had quite a rush of contract renewals in the last few months, all of them have had their own challenges and problems to solve but one common element I found was that changing technologies can help find solutions that simply were not there before.

If your IT services contract is due for renewal then it can give a chance to wipe the slate clean and look with fresh eyes at what it is that IT does for your business. You may be very happy with your current arrangements which is all well and good but rather than simply signing up for more of the same it may be time to take a step back to look at how you do things and whether you can do them better.

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