Next Generation Access – NGA

A little while ago I did a blog on connectivity comparing my Virgin Media and the BT Openreach FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) connection. The Openreach FTTC network really has proven to be an excellent choice.

Since then I have been patiently waiting for it to become available at our office. It has been little under a year now and finally the time has come, we now have FTTC in our cabinet where our office is connected! This is a total game changer for us, before now we were 3km from the Exchange, now we are only 300m from our cabinet and our speeds have dramatically improved. Our ZEN connection is a great example – with ADSL we were getting about 4mb down and 1mb up, now that we have upgraded to FTTC, we are getting about 70 down and 17 up, which is incredible!

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iPad as a work device?

Working on the move is becoming increasingly popular these days and with so many devices available on the market it can make the decision process quite difficult when deciding on a device, especially if you are not sure if the device will work seamlessly with your internal company network.

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