MS Surface RT – a review from the newly converted

As the MD of an IT Services company, you tend to get very lazy about taking the initiative to explore new devices and technologies yourself because various members of your team do it on an ongoing basis and brief you about it. I have however been excited for quite some time about the new MS Surface and Windows RT, and how the device and operating system might form a “bridge” between a device that business users could benefit from as they travel and also a “home entertainment” device that gives you most of the critical apps and other functionality of an iPad. (yes we do have an iPad at home but I have personally resisted claiming it as “mine”!) I’ve been hoping this will be the device for people like me who find even the smallest laptops too bulky to carry around.
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The Microsoft Surface RT – It is not a toy

On the 25th October of this year Microsoft released its first in-house venture into the world of tablet computing; The Microsoft Surface RT.

Surface RT

What is RT? Is it Windows 8?

Microsoft is famous for its use of two letter acronyms; we have had Windows NT, which stood for Network and Windows XP which stood for Experience and now we have RT, which stands for absolutely nothing. That isn’t to say it isn’t different to the version of Windows 8 running on your home computer. As such it is important to understand what makes it different to Windows 8 for computers.

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