XP scaremongering and Windows 8.1

So I was going back over our older blogs hunting for inspiration (it is my turn to shoe horn those all-important key words of IT Support, IT services, IT support services or Managed IT services into a piece of text for our website you see), and I noticed that it has been nearly a year since we stoked your fears around the retirement of XP as a supported operating system.

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The Microsoft Surface RT – It is not a toy

On the 25th October of this year Microsoft released its first in-house venture into the world of tablet computing; The Microsoft Surface RT.

Surface RT

What is RT? Is it Windows 8?

Microsoft is famous for its use of two letter acronyms; we have had Windows NT, which stood for Network and Windows XP which stood for Experience and now we have RT, which stands for absolutely nothing. That isn’t to say it isn’t different to the version of Windows 8 running on your home computer. As such it is important to understand what makes it different to Windows 8 for computers.

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