What our clients say

NMD Solicitors
Specialist music law firm “We were unhappy with our IT support, needed to upgrade our hardware and were losing days rather than hours of email service while waiting for engineers to attend our offices when things went wrong. We wanted our IT to work more effectively and also wanted the capacity for our partners to access email remotely when abroad. Virtual IT offered us a complete IT Support solution which meant we got the new equipment we needed included in the monthly support costs, and also provided us with more reliable and secure IT that allows us to access our systems from home.”


Watson Phillips Norman

Direct Marketing Company“We are heavily reliant on IT for creating client documentation and customer communication. When we started operations, Virtual IT gave us the same level of reassurance and service as a top quality in-house IT manager but without the associated cost. I thought it might just be an interim solution, but the service has grown with us and now I can’t imagine why I would need an IT manager. I can get on and focus on what I do, safe in the knowledge that everything works or will be solved quickly in the event of a problem.”


Pi Capital, Independent venture capital firm

“Having utilised various different support companies and having bought different pieces of equipment from different people, we realised that we needed to integrate all our IT needs under one provider. Working with Virtual IT has greatly simplified our buying process – we know now that we get the right level of equipment and the right software, firewall, back up etc. for a sensible and fixed price.”


Clear Insurance Management, Independent Insurance broker and financial adviser

“Our whole business is based on knowledge and data, so our underlying platform has to be robust. Before, I had to oversee multiple suppliers – now I hardly have any involvement or have to spend any time on IT. On top of this I gain proactive, value-added advice from specialists in their field. The Virtual IT solution has proved easily and quickly scalable, supporting the rapid growth in our workforce. I’ve been very impressed by the high quality kit and the swap-out service, whereby failing equipment is simply replaced within 24 hours. Having Microsoft exchange sited remotely also forms part of our risk management strategy in terms of regulatory compliance”.


HAIL, Haringey Association for Independent Living

“Virtual IT has a very friendly and customised approach, taking our costs over three years they really helped us to understand our overall IT costs and helped us to think about our IT needs. The fixed costs enable us to predict costs and fix budgets and we know exactly how costs increase when we expand. The installation was painless, and due to the way Virtual IT provide remote IT support we use this as a training mechanism for our less IT aware staff who have really increased their IT knowledge over the years. We recognise that outsourcing works for us, our business is not IT, and we can save money and time by outsourcing to experts. It takes away a lot of headaches – and we have someone to blame if it goes wrong!”


ExCel London, Exhibition and conference centre

“Why did I choose VIT? With only a small internal IT team, all our time was spent ‘standing still’ – just keeping things going. Our partnership with Virtual IT will allow us to complete projects to take the business forward – my IT resources have effectively grown manifold and I can now achieve things I could not previously. VIT operates across the spectrum: the routine, day to day, is taken care of for me, saving me time, and the specialist expertise in new and current technologies saves me money and it will all improve the service I provide to my business.”

EPIC, Database Research Company

“Virtual IT has provided us with the complete package of technology and IT support, which has enabled us to really concentrate on our core goal of facilitating access to primary care data for medical research. In particular, the 24×7 IT monitoring service provided by Virtual IT has alleviated a lot of the time that previously we had to devote to IT hardware issues”.